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The Register Fifty Years On

By Dick Knudson #1

Fifty years is a big deal, and don’t you forget it. I’m in my 84th year, and that means I have been involved with the Register for over half my life. It’s been a great ride dating back to that day in late 1963 when I opened the pages of Safety Fast, and saw a photo of Frank Churchill’s TD. I knew immediately that I had found a kindred spirit.

In the case of CCLogo50th150dpiFrank and me, the T Type M.G. was the catalyst that brought us together. In the ensuing years, it has been the M.G. that brought me in contact with literally thousands of enthusiasts who felt the same way about their M.G. that I did about mine. So, full credit to Kimber’s creations.

But the Register success goes way beyond a hunk of metal. Anyone who has stayed with the Register knows that the true element for our being able to celebrate 50 years together is the people. My dearest friends are Register members. All of us share that common bond of a passion for M.G.s, and that dedication makes us nice folks to know.

Some of these friends I rarely see, but when we get together, it’s like the last time was yesterday. Of course, that’s the joy of attending a Register Gathering of the Faithful or other event. We go to see old friends and to make new ones. If you have never been to a Register event nor had an opportunity to share our mutual passion for M.G.s, then I urge you to do it soon. There would be no better time to be a part of a Register happening than in 2014, our Golden Anniversary Year.

We invite you to explore our site and see what we are all about. Read samples of our magazine, check out our Tech Tips and more. Then if you want to join this exciting group, click on Join Us. You won't be sorry you did.


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Are you a Visitor? You are our welcome guest. Please enjoy the articles and images on the site. You may be inspired to join!  And you can check out our Marketplace section for Register related items to purchase. We offer both Books/CDs and Regalia.

Our website has two sections. The Public section contains information about the Register: our magazine The Sacred Octagon, links about our Chapters, an Events section and calendar listing our upcoming activities, a section describing our biannual Gathering of the Faithful where members get together to celebrate all things M.G., our photo gallery and more. We invite you to surf the site and enjoy the things you can find there.

The Members Only section is designed for Register members to communicate with other Register members in a private area. In this section the user will find a dashboard that will allow a user to access our Research Library, listings of members and access to posting in our forum. We add new things to this area based on input from our members.
If you are a current (your dues are paid) member of The Register, click here to read how to sign up for a web user account.

As we celebrate fifty years of The Register, please take some time to visit the pages that show how The Register has grown over the past fifty years. It’s been an amazing ride . . .and we look forward to what the next fifty will bring.