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Going to GOF Mk 101?

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British Sports Car Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

There British Sports Car Hal of Fame Induction Ceremony Posterare lots of great British car shows throughout the season and lots of fine car museums. But, every so often people and events and places come together to create a not-to-be-missed opportunity. This is the case with the upcoming Induction Ceremony to the new British Sports Car Hall of Fame that will be held the evening before Moss Motorfest in Petersburg, Virginia.

The event is filling up fast, and the ticket-required ceremony and party are going to sell out soon. Make your plans now, get your tickets, and you won’t regret it. Registration for the Friday activities officially closes on May 19, but will likely end earlier if they reach their maximum capacity. And I believe they will.

The new Hall of Fame is being constructed to not only showcase the cars we all know and love, but to highlight and thank the folks who have made this such a great passion. This first ceremony will honor some of the names we all know as well as a few that might be a little less familiar. To that end, we will be posting a series of articles leading up to the induction ceremony that will highlight each of these folk. Watch for them in the coming days and weeks.

As for the awards, Heacock Insurance is the presenting sponsor and each inductee will receive the Moto-Lita Hall of Fame Trophy. This award will honestly be something special.

The British Sportscar Hall of Fame Inducted for 2017

  • Tony Adamowicz – Although he won enduring fame for winning championships in Trans Am and Formula 5000, he also competed at Le Mans and Daytona, but received his start as one of the first racers employed by Group 44.
  • Sir John Black – Chairman of Standard-Triumph, helped support Morgan, Swallow and Jaguar production, and responsible for the creation of the TR range.
  • Gerry Coker – Designer for the Donald Healey Motor Company, he was responsible for the design of the Austin-Healey 100 and Sprite, later joining Chrysler and the Ford Motor Company, where he invented the 3-position tailgate.
  • Michael Cook – Helped create the image of the great British marques, generated media buzz, launched new models, and publicized racing successes throughout much of the postwar period.
  • Jimmy Cox – Former engine guru at the MG Development Department responsible for many of the company’s racing and record-breaking successes.
  • Michael Dale, OBE – Retired President of Jaguar North America, he was responsible for the company’s activities in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Prior to being named President, he had been responsible for all U.S. Jaguar sales and marketing activities, including advertising and sales promotion.
  • Norman Dewis, CBE – Chief test driver and development engineer for Jaguar, he also competed at Le Mans and held the World Land Speed Record for a production sports car.
  • Peter Egan – The British sports car bard, his longtime column at Road & Track gave voice to the enthusiasts during a time of changing tastes and interests.
  • Donald Healey, CBE – Car designer, rally driver, and speed record holder, noted for his involvement with Riley, Triumph and his involvement with the British Motor Corporation, which resulted in the Austin-Healey marque.
  • Robert Johns – As an airman in the United States Air Force, he parlayed his amateur success into a position as a Triumph works driver, including stints at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 12 Hours of Sebring.
  • R.W. (Kas) Kastner – From his position as Competition Director for Standard-Triumph in the United States, was the guiding influence and prime instigator for the company’s success, essentially writing the book on how to successfully race cars on a budget and setting the standard for others in the industry to follow.
  • Cecil Kimber – Automotive engineer, famous for his role in the formation and growth of the MG Car Company in Abingdon.
  • Richard Knudson – Founder of the New England T-Register and one of the guiding lights in the hobby, writing prolifically about the Sacred Octagon and its many accomplishments.
  • Richard Langworth, CBE – Renowned automotive writer, responsible for some of the definitive marque histories ever published, also a recognized authority on Winston S. Churchill.
  • Sir William Lyons – Founder of the Swallow Car Company, which later became Jaguar following the war, Lyons was largely responsible for styling many of the firm’s most famous creations and helped establish it as one of the world’s preeminent marques.
  • Giovanni Michelotti – Prolific designer, who styled cars for Ferrari, Maserati, BMW and Triumph, designing some of the latter’s most successful cars in the postwar era.
  • Sir Stirling Moss – Described as the greatest Formula One driver to never win a World Championship, he competed in open wheel racing, sports cars, and land speed record vehicles, highlighted by a victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia, considered by many experts to be the greatest one day drive in history.
  • Graham Robson – Through a number of authoritative volumes on the various British models and marques became the unofficial chronicler of the industry and its history.
  • Ken Smith – Known as the Dalai Lama of the Sacred Octagon, he is the Editor Emeritus of The MG Driver and was known for his numerous appearances at British car events across the country on behalf of Moss Motors.
  • John Sprinzel – Won the British Rally Championship and his class at the 12 Hours of Sebring behind the wheel of an Austin-Healey Sprite, one of the best-known racing and rally drivers of his era.
  • John Thornley, CBE – First Secretary of the MG Car Club, later serving as Director and General Manager of the MG Car Company.
  • Robert ‘Bob’ Tullius – Founder of Group 44, he won countless races, several championships and paved the way for sponsorship in modern racing. Undeniably the best known and accomplished American racer of British sports cars.
  • John Twist – Founder of University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he is one of the best-known wrenches in the country and a frequent writer on automotive technical subjects, helping to further the hobby by keeping the cars on the road.

Many of these great people are making plans to be at the event. Some, such as Peter Egan, are driving their British sportscars long distances cross-country to attend. The amount of knowledge and experience gathered in one place will be astounding.

British Sports Car Hall of Fame LogoThe British Sports Car Hall of Fame itself was created last year, primarily by Moss Motors, and continues to develop. The Hall is supported by individual and corporate contributions. It was created to preserve and perpetuate the legacy and impact of these legendary vehicles and to honor the men and women responsible for their success. The goal for the Hall as a whole is to become a sort of British Motor Heritage Museum here in the US. There will be displays of significant cars, a reference library, displays pertinent to the history of British motoring in the US, and of course the Hall of Fame itself.

And just so you know, yes, we the folks from Just British will be at the Induction Ceremony and Moss Motorfest. We will be exhibiting, supporting, and soaking up every bit of British car ambiance we can get hold of. We look forward to seeing you there.


Read the article on Richard Knudson here.

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There is no Kimber Fest 2017


Due to some recent technical issues we are forced to postpone the Kimber Fest until 2018. We have people in place to plan a great event for April 2018. Check this website in mid-October for more information.


GOF Mk101 Forms Posted

GOF Mk 101 Registration and Schedule pages are now posted. Read all about the fun things we are planning for GOF Mk 101


Please note that the activities on Thursday and Friday have changed from the TSO printed forms. The web site has the correct activities for each day.

 A new PDF of the registration form is available here: GOF Mk 101 Registration Form

You'll find the forms in the Main Menu>GOF Mk 101

or click on these links:




The new ferry schedules and fares are posted. Check them out at http://www.novascotia.com/about-nova-scotia/getting-here/sea/bay-ferries

All travelers to Canada might want to check with their auto insurance carrier as Canada requires that you have a Canada NON-RESIDENT Insurance  Inter-province Motor vehicle Liability Insurance Card for the vehicle you’ll be driving in Canada.  Your insurance carrier usually provides this no charge and all they need to know what dates you will be in Canada.


Special Offer for Insurance Discount

The North American Council of MG Registers has announced a special offering from Hagerty Insurance to all of the members of any of the four North American MG Registers. You can find the offer information in the Member Support>MG Council menu item.  Or click on this link MG Hagerty Discount


T Register member Judy Johnson wins an award

Read about the recent award for long time T Register member Judy Johnson. Click on the following link to access our Member Press Room.



2017 Knudson Churchill Scholarship Forms are now posted

The forms for applying for a Knudson Churchill Scholarship are now available on the website. If you know of someone that could benefit from this scholarship, please direct them to the KCST menu item on this site for all of the information that they need to apply. Applications must be received by March 16, 2017



Do Your Holiday Shopping with the Register

We have posted some Regalia items that are now on "Holiday Sale." Great Christmas gifts for that special MG owner or for those holiday gift swaps. Check it out at



Check out our photos from MG 2016

MG 2016 Louisville KY



The winners for the NEMGTR classes at MG 2016 are as follows:

Results Listing for Class 201 – Vintage – PreWar    
First Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
Results Listing for Class 202 – Vintage – PreWar    
First Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  165 1938 TA Black William Davis, TN
Results Listing for Class 203 – TC    
Fifth Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  735 1948 TC Red Robert Watts, OH
Forth Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  499 1948 TC British Racing Green Steve Nau, MO
Third Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
259 1947 TC Tan Ed Greene, TX
Second Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
62 1948 TC Clipper Blue Susan Boyd, VA
First Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  266 1949 TC-EXU British Racing Green Corky Guenther, NC
Results Listing for Class 204 – TD    
Sixth Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
91 1952 TD Autumn Red Charlie Bunnell, TN
Fifth Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  418 1952 TD Mk II Light Blue Tom Luin, TX
Forth Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  187 1952 TD Red Stan Dulin, MO
Third Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
234 1952 TD Autumn Red John Gervasi, MI
Second Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
579 1952 TD Black Ron Redding, TX
First Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  316 1950 TD Clipper Blue Charles Howard, NC
Results Listing for Class 205 – TF    
Forth Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  272 1954 TF Ivory Terry Haines, Ontario, CN
Third Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
289 1954 TF Red Judith Heck, GA
Second Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
637 1955 TF 1500 Black David Shelburne, OH
First Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  410 1954 TF 1500 Grey Jack Long, MD
Results Listing for Class 206 – PostWar/Variant, Y, Specials    
First Place Car # Year / Car Type Color Name / From
  423 1948 YT Yellow/Red Mike Lutz, MD
Chairman's Award        
    Kathy Ahrendt, NC    


New Regalia Added

We've added some new Regalia -- dress shirts, polos and vests -- to our Regalia offerings. Check out the catalog at



New Handout Cards Available

The driving season is fast approaching! For those of you who are in the southern part of North America you have probably been out on the road and attending events for some time now. For those in the more northern climates, those winter projects are wrapping up with seat time right around the corner. Pretty soon those T series cars will be hitting the road for more great adventures.

For most of us whenever we drive our cars we get stopped and asked many questions about our T's. What model is it? Is it fun to drive? and Where can I get one of these? The NEMGT Register can help with that last question.

We have created some NEMGT Register promotional cards for members to carry in their cars for handing out to prospective members or other interested parties. The cards are printed on heavy card stock so they will hold up over time. They are done in a format that's easy to carry in the car door pocket.

Each Chapter was sent a package of cards to hand out to its members. If you are not a member of a Chapter, you can request cards from our Chapter Coordinator by sending an email to chaptercontact@nemgtr.org

Make sure your message contains your name, address, city, state and zip code. We'll send you cards via snail mail.


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Knudson Churchill Scholarship Competition
December 1, 2015, to March 16, 2016

The Knudson Churchill Scholarship is designed to promote and support education in the fields of print journalism or automotive technology.  Endowed by the New England MG T Register the program will present the best applicant with a monetary award to an, accredited, post-secondary school of winner’s choice in order to study in one of these two areas. The award may be used for any educational expense in one of these fields.
If you know of any students that fit the criteria stated on the KCST page, please let them know of the scholarships that the Trust offers. The forms will be posted on December 1, 2015.


Volunteer Readers Needed for Knutson-Churchill Scholarship Committee

Do you have experience grading student essays? Would you like to be involved with the Knutson-Churchill Scholarship Committee? Would you like to volunteer your time without leaving the comforts of home? If you have answered “Yes”, then I have the perfect opportunity for you!

The Knutson-Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee is in need of a few good readers. Each year, the Committee awards two scholarships. One scholarship is awarded to a student studying in an automotive related college degree program and the other scholarship is awarded to a student studying for a degree in print journalism. Each applicant is required to submit an essay. You will be mailed approximately a half dozen essays to be read and ranked in order of their excellence. Based upon the rankings of the committee, our two finalists are chosen.

If you would like to be considered for membership on this committee, please contact me with your contact information and your qualifications. Members of the Selection Committee are, or have been, educators who have experience grading student essays. Please contact: Jan Sander at sander@pshift.com , or P.O. Box 108, Jeffersonville, VT 05464.


How to Join the Cecil Kimber Society

If you are a Register member follow these instructions:

I already have a Web User Account:
Register members with current web user accounts can edit their profile to include The Cecil Kimber Society in their account.

To access The Cecil Kimber Society features click on the Member Login section of the website found in the upper right corner of the main page. Enter your web user name and password and then press the login button. You will see the menu item for The Cecil Kimber Society in the User Menu on the right side of the screen.

Once logged in, you can click on Your Profie and enter information on the research topics that you are currently working on.

You can access the items included in The Cecil Kimber Society by clicking on the menu item on the right side of the screen.

I do not have a Web User Account:
Click on the Member Login section of the website found in the upper right corner of the main page.
Click on Sign-up and enter the information on the sign up screen for all required entries. Make sure to write down the user name and password in a safe place.
While filling in the form select "Both" if you wish to become a fellow of The Cecil Kimber Society and also input your area of research.

Press the Submit button when you have completed the form. The information will be sent to the Web Manager for review. You will get two emails. One with your user name and password. The second with a confirmation link. YOU MUST confirm your account request in order to be able to access your account -- no confirmation no account!

Once confirmed, your account will be activated and you'll receive a welcome email.

If you are not a New England MG T Register member:

One does not have to be a Register member to be a Fellow in the Society, although we think that you will find great benefits to becoming one.

If you are not a Register member you can click on the the link below to access our Non-Register member sign-up form. Once you have filled out the form and submit it, it will be emailed to our Cecil Kimber Society moderator for review. Once the review process is done (we have to do this to make sure spammers are not granted access to our site) we will send you a log-in and password to access The Cecil Kimber Society.

Join The Cecil Kimber Society


Interesting Video from the UK

We thought that this video may be of interest to our members.



Classified Ads Deadline

The deadline for submitting classified ads for the TSO magazine are as follows:

Copy Due: For:
December 28th -- February Issue
February 28th -- April Issue
April 28th -- June Issue
June 28th -- August Issue
August 28th -- October Issue
October 28th -- December Issue



Introducing The Cecil Kimber Society

MG T Register Gets Serious About Research

The Board of Directors of The New England MG T Register approved the formation of The Cecil Kimber Society at its recent meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. The Society’s purpose is to foster networking amongst those enthusiasts genuinely interested in M.G. history. Fellows in the Society will pledge to share their research interests in order to receive and exchange information freely.

There are many enthusiasts who collect information and do research about some aspect of M.G. lore that truly interests them. Many do this for pure personal satisfaction and have no intention of publishing what they gather over the years. The gathered information may be stored in file folders or on a computer. That is all well and good; however, there just might be some other enthusiast out there collecting and researching the same topic. The Kimber Society is simply a way for like-minded people to network. A visit to the Society web site will show a preliminary listing of research categories. As interest grows, that list will certainly expand. If you have been cutting pieces out of magazines and building a file on a certain M.G. topic, the Society will give you a chance to learn even more.   

When it comes to publishing, the possibilities are limitless. Articles will not only benefit from the sharing of research but also the peer reviewing should ensure the accuracy of the writing. The open exchange of information and sources should result in some solid writing about M.G. history.

A sophisticated and easily navigated internet website will be the anchor for the Society along with a regular page in The Sacred Octagon, the journal of The New England MG T Register. The Sacred Octagon will publish completed research papers. These papers may also be approved for Kimber Festival presentations as well as for seminars at future Gatherings of the Faithful, the Register’s two regular annual meetings.

There are no dues. The requirements for becoming a Fellow of the Society are three-fold: an active interest in M.G. history, a willingness to share knowledge, and agreeing to assist others in their research.
Register members with current web user accounts can edit their profile to include The Cecil Kimber Society in their account. To access The Cecil Kimber Society features click on the Member Login section of the website found in the upper right corner of the main page. Enter your web user name and password and then press the login button. You will see the menu item for The Cecil Kimber Society in the User Menu on the right side of the screen.

One does not have to be a Register member to be a Fellow in the Society. If you do not have a web user account you can click on the "Sign Up" button and fill out the registration form, selecting the Cecil Kimber Society in the type of account selection area. This will add you to The Cecil Kimber Society listing.

Access to The Cecil Kimber Society will be through the Member Login of this website. Once a user is logged in the menu items for features of The Cecil Kimber Society will be displayed.


Old MG Photos

We have posted a link to the Sanford University LIbraries collection of photos taken in the 1930s and beyond. Very interesting. Click on Weblinks at the bottom of the homepage and look for Just For Fun.



Photos Wanted!

We are looking for interesting MG photos to put on our website. We are specifically looking for some fall and winter shots for the front page. If you have any photos that you think might be interesting to our members, send them along to WebManager@nemgtr.org