April 4-6, 2014

Owls Head Transportation Museum - Owls Head, Maine


The Kimber Festival brings together enthusiasts who are keenly interested in M.G. history. Organized as an academic conference, the program consists of presentations about all M.G.s with topics that may include design and production, technical discussions, competitors, and competitions. You do not need to be a NEMGTR member to present or attend. All MG enthusiasts are welcome!
After check-in at the host motel on Friday afternoon, you can tour the museum and see their vast collection, visit the library and more. There will be a literature/memorabilia swap meet during the meals. Attendees have an opportunity to sell, buy, and swap extra items from their collections. There will be time for renewing friendships and making new ones.


The Transportation Museum is located at 117 Museum Street (off Rt. 73) in Owls Head, Maine, just two miles from U.S. Route 1. We are two miles south of Rockland , eight miles south of Camden and aprox. 85 miles north of Portland. We are adjacent to Knox County Airport and easily reached by air.
GPS coordinates = 44º3'58.72" N, 69º6'6.81" W

About the Museum:

The Owls Head Transportation Museum has one of the finest collections of pioneer-era aircraft and automobiles in the world. More than 100 historic aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, carriages and engines are on permanent display. The Aircraft Collection contains replicas and originals representing the first century of flight, from Cayley’s unmanned glider (1804) to the legendary Curtiss Jenny of the barnstorming era. An outstanding collection of automobiles spans the late 19th Century and early 20th century, from our recently refurbished 1908 Stanley K Semi-Racer to a 1935 Stout Scarab (called the world’s first mini-van, one of only six ever made).

Of special interest to our participants is the MGs & Microcars exhibit that is now in progress at the museum. For a sneak peak at what you can see check out the following link

Registration Information

The Registration fee is $75.00 per person and includes Saturday lunch and dinner. Register online and save a stamp! Click here for the registration form.

Schedule (All events and meals at the Owls Head Transportation Museum)

Friday, April 4    
  1:00-5:00     Registration at the Museum
  2:30-4:30     Guided Behind-the-Scenes Museum Tour
  5:00- til ?     Dinner on your own and socializing
Saturday, April 5    
  9:15-9:45     Opening session, welcome from OHTM representative
  9:45-10:45     Session 1
  10:45-11:00     Break
  11:00-12:15     Session 2
  12:10-1:30     Lunch with speaker
  1:45-2:45     Session 3
  3:00-4:00     Session 4
    Dinner with speaker
Sunday, April 6

Our Speakers

Speaker                 Topic
Ethan Yankura:  “The Owls Head Collection and Vision”
Michael Eaton:  “MGAs at Sebring 1956-1962”
Michael owns a Twin Cam Coupe with a Sebring history.
Dick Knudson:  “The Captain”
Dick knew George Eyston for many years and will share the record breaker’s personal side.
Rudy Krueger: “MGA Reborn”
Rudy’s presentation of his outstanding and well-documented MGA restoration will be a learning experience for all of us.
Geoff Wheatley: “The Year That M.G. Almost Died”
Geoff is always researching M.G. history bits that are fascinating.
Bill Jackson: “Confessions of a 50’s Club Racer”
Bill is a well-known writer/editor with a racing background from the 1950s that includes Jaguar, Formula III, Morgan, and AC Bristol.
Dick Little, Mark O’Day, and Peter Ross:

A Panel Discussion Plus  “The ARCA M.G.s”
These three gentlemen own genuine ARCA M.G.s that raced with the Automobile Racing Club of America in the 1930s.
The ARCA MGs – Their history before and after ARCA*
In the 2013 Kimber Festival presentation “Racing MGs in America during the 1930s” we described MG participation in the ARCA racing series. This year we will look back in more detail at their history and learn how to discover how any MG may have been used in competition over 70 years ago.
After the introduction of the TA in 1936, they were also used in ARCA racing but two in particular were specially ordered and we will look at their specification and how it might have been influenced by competition experience England.
Several of these MGs are known to exist today and their history since 1940 will also be presented.
Presenters: Peter Ross – owner of one of the racing J2s; Dick Little and Mark O’Day – owners of the two special TAs
*ARCA = Automobile Racing Club of America (1933 to 1941)

Motel Information

The host motel is Tradewinds Motor Inn in Rockland, Maine. Make your own reservations by calling 207-596-6661 and ask for their "Old M.G." discount of 15%. Their least expensive room is $71.00 including breakfast. You must reserve early for this rate -- there are a limited number of rooms available.

View more info on the moter in here. Trade Winds Motor Inn


2013 Speakers

  • KF2
  • KF3
  • KF4
  • KF5
  • KF6
  • KF14
  • KF8
  • Peter Ross - M.G.s in the USA in the 1930s
  • Roger Morse - Perfecting a dual circuit braking system
  • Hal Kramer - Inside the T Series M.G. electric System
  • Dick Knudson - Our Master of Ceremonies and past Chairman of NEMGTR
  • Geoff Wheatley - Brooklands, the track where M.G. scored many racing victories
  • Chris Nowlan - The Morris Motors 11.9 hp M.G. Supersports: A Process of Authentication
  • Good Food, Good Friends & lots of car talk!