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If you haven't paid your dues, the reminder will be going out in the April TSO. Don't miss out on the great resources we have.


It's time to sign up! MG International 2021 and GOF Mk 106 are right around the corner. We've listed the schedule here so you can see all of the fun activities that are available. To register for the event, just click the link provided on this page. It gives you the entire registration process.
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GOF106 will be like no other GOF. GOF106 is being held within The North American MG Council’s event that occurs every 5 years. Tuesday night is a private NEMGTR dinner and activities, the rest of the week will be conjoined with other MG owners of all models. 
 You only need to sign up on the AC2021 registration page. No seprate GOF Mk 106 registration is required. We will be sending  you an email with more GOF Mk 106 details after you have registered with the MG International 2021 event.

Look forward to seeing you there. 
Blair, NEMGTR Representative, MG Council

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