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The Register is a network of thousands of other M.G. owners. Although the name is regional in inference it is not geographically limiting as the roster now shows more than 15,000 registrations throughout the United States, as well as in the rest of the world. The growth of The Register was such that in 1966 it was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization under the laws of the State of Maine.

What you get by joining . . . 

Valuable and Unique Publications

The Register’s bi-monthly publication, The Sacred Octagon, is respected throughout the world as the standard by which all M.G. publications are measured. TSO features carefully researched technical articles, listings of important services, and parts suppliers, and classified ads for T-Series and Pre-War cars and spares. Each issue carries a current national Events Calendar of regional M.G. activities. One issue each year is dedicated to and features local Chapter activity reports. The Register also regularly publishes historical as well as technical books, which are of great value to the M.G. enthusiast. All of this in full color, high quality printing.

Great Events

Each year the Register sponsors two major events. These are regarded as the model for most other M.G. meetings, and members come from all over the world to attend. Called the Gathering of the Faithful (Gee Oh Eff for short), a term coined by the Register in 1965, these semi-annual affairs combine a car show, driving tests, and social events into a memorable weekend for all those attending. In addition, the Register also sponsors other minor and major events at various venues around North America.


We offer two types of memberships: A Full membership is for T-Types, Y-Types, and selected Variants such as the Arnolt as long as they are powered by the original type engine. Pre-1940, non T-Type cars will be given a VM number to indicate a vintage auto. Our second type of membership is called Associate Membership. Associate membership is open to anyone with a strong interest in MGs, MG owners other than T series or maybe a future T series owner. Associate members have the same privileges as full members.

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