NEMGTR Valve Cover Racing Rules & Description


Valve Cover Racing has become a fun event with car clubs all over the country. Unfortunately, there is very little commonality between clubs in terms of the race car specifications and track design. If Valve Cover Racing is to become an NEMG”T”R event at GOF’s, it needed: specifications for the design and construction of the valve cover race car; a race track which has a infrared finish line detection system, a smooth transition from the incline to the run out section, and can be transported to the GOF’s; and a set of racing rules. A race track has been designed and the necessary rules & specifications have been written. These have already been tested at four GOF’s. Revisions have been made when suggestions were made by car owners and spectators to arrive at a set of rules and specifications which are finalized and now published herein. There were times when a race car did not meet the original specifications. To accommodate these racer cars, a separate race class, called the “Outlaw Class”, has been established so they could race against each other instead of being disqualified (DSQ). Another part of the Valve Cover Racing event is to include a “Beauty Contest” where, by popular vote, car owners and spectators vote for the car of their choice. The number of competing cars and spectators is growing.

Another feature of the racing event is the double elimination scoring. When a car loses a race, that car later races another car that also lost a race. The car that loses a race the second time is then eliminated from completion. This method allows the owner of a race car that lost the first race, time to go to the pit area and make adjustments to service his car and try again. It also gives the owner of a “slower” car the opportunity to run in at least two competitive races on the track.

This is an event where everyone has a fun time. Get a valve cover, four wheels, and with a little ingenuity join in the fun. It is our hope to have a valve cover race at every GOF but having the race will be decided on a GOF by GOF basis. The track is to be stored at the Sander’s and transported to the GOF, when needed, on the flat bed truck. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and will be considered by the committee for use at future events.

February 20, 2015

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