Web News and Information

Our Web News and Information page is a place for members to find out the latest about the happenings in The Register. We will update this page as we obtain information that is of interest to our members.

TSO Tech Article Index has been Updated

The index PDF now includes the 2020 technical article listing. Find it in the Members Only section.

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New Online Classified Ad Posting Dates

We have revised our Classifed Ad posting dates. Previously ads would appear after the TSO had been mailed. Now ads will be posted on the seventh of each month. Ads that come in after the seventh, will be posted the next month. Your ad will also appear in the next issue of  TSO. The TSO advertising schedule is posted in the Advertising rules.

Next ads go up on the 7th.... some ads have recently had price drops --- check them out!


New Regalia for the Holiday's

We have a new item available for the Holiday's. These cute bears are all dressed for a day out in the MG. There are limited quantities available and should be ordered soon in order to make sure it gets to you in time for gift giving.


Only one bear with the NEMGTR sweatshirt is available.

Pricing: $12.50 per bear (with sweatshirt) plus shipping

To order, contact the Web Manager directly at webmanager [AT] nemgtr [DOT] org


Wiring Diagram PDFs are Available for our Members

We have added the color wiring diagrams for the T Series MGs to the Cecil Kimber Society document section. You'll find them in the "How To . . ." category.

You can also find the documents in the TSO Online section. They are in the Wiring Diagram folder.

You MUST BE LOGGED in to acces these documents.


Haven't signed up for a web account yet? It's simple, just click on Member Login and click on Sign up. Follow the instructions on the screen, filling out all required info. You'll be approved if you have 1) Paid your dues and 2) Confirm the request using the email you receive after signing up.


Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow....

As the early MG. owners of our group age and no longer drive their vehicles, the cars end up sitting unused. In other cases memories of the fun car, driver and the Register bonds fade and eventually the car is sold or passed on to family. Our dwindling NEMGTR member numbers show the results of this. The Register has always encouraged members to oiler a membership to their MGs new owner.

NOW the Register will offer FREE membership for both the seller and buyer!
When your MG gets passed on, simply submit the new owners contact information (name, address, phone number and email) to Jan Hurd, the NEMGTR Registrar membership_registrar [AT] nemgtr [DOT] org  You both get a six month membership at no charge; an introduction to NEMGTR for the buyer and an extension for you to reminisce your MG ownership. For you the seller, submit your cars story (with or without photos) to The Sacred Octagon editortso [AT] rogers [DOT] com and extend your free membership for the year.


Special Offer for Insurance Discount

The North American Council of MG Registers has announced a special offering from Hagerty Insurance to all of the members of any of the four North American MG Registers. You can find the offer information in the Member Support>MG Council menu item.  Or click on this link MG Hagerty Discount


Classified Ads page with Ad Block Plus browser add-on

The browser add-on extension "Ad Block Plus" will cause the Submit an Ad page to display incorrectly. You can disable the extension for this page only, then refresh to get the buttons to appear correctly.


Volunteer Readers Needed for Knutson-Churchill Scholarship Committee

Do you have experience grading student essays? Would you like to be involved with the Knudson-Churchill Scholarship Committee? Would you like to volunteer your time without leaving the comforts of home? If you have answered “Yes”, then I have the perfect opportunity for you!

The Knutson-Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee is in need of a few good readers. Each year, the Committee awards two scholarships. One scholarship is awarded to a student studying in an automotive related college degree program and the other scholarship is awarded to a student studying for a degree in print journalism. Each applicant is required to submit an essay. You will be mailed approximately a half dozen essays to be read and ranked in order of their excellence. Based upon the rankings of the committee, our two finalists are chosen.

If you would like to be considered for membership on this committee, please contact me with your contact information and your qualifications. Members of the Selection Committee are, or have been, educators who have experience grading student essays. Please contact: Jan Sander at sander [AT] pshift [DOT] com , or P.O. Box 108, Jeffersonville, VT 05464.


Classified Ads Deadline

The deadline for submitting classified ads for the TSO magazine are as follows:

Copy Due: For:
December 28th -- February Issue
February 28th -- April Issue
April 28th -- June Issue
June 28th -- August Issue
August 28th -- October Issue
October 28th -- December Issue



Old MG Photos

We have posted a link to the Sanford University LIbraries collection of photos taken in the 1930s and beyond. Very interesting. Click on Weblinks at the bottom of the homepage and look for Just For Fun.



Photos Wanted!

We are looking for interesting MG photos to put on our website. We are specifically looking for some fall and winter shots for the front page. If you have any photos that you think might be interesting to our members, send them along to WebManager [AT] nemgtr [DOT] org