Rippert Parts for sale

From the estate of Hank Rippert.  Email Tom Rippert at ripperts [AT] hotmail [DOT] com to purchase or discuss the items on this list.

1 Intake & exhaust manifolds $200/each.
Two spring pans & two A-arms $50 for both.
2 All MGTD/TF wheel, axle, engine bearings.
Brake parts and wheel cylinder. $250 for all.
3 Engine-external. Miscellaneous external engine parts. Top oiler with extra jar. $300 for all.
4 Engine-internal. Miscellaneous. $100.
5 TD/TF cooling & fuel system.
TD fuel line ($25/new),
4 water pumps,
4 fuel pumps, pulleys, misc. $250 for all.
6 Rear view mirror glass.
Front bumper over riders-$100.
Two sun visors-$50/pair, $25/each.
3 MG models-143rd scale $20/each.
MG tie-$10.
Belt buckles (4)-$10/each.
Headlamp bracket $100.
Wind wings with hardware-pair $50.
TD front brake line $20.
7 Tachometer with clock, electric, early TD $650.
Tach reduction gearbox $90.
Speedo cables (2)-$75/each.
Tach cable-$55.
Turn signal switch-$100.
Original set of gauges (1 box) Speedo-$165. Tach-$165.
Oil Pressure/water temp.-$165.
Amp gauge-$100.
Oil pressure gauges-100#-$100, 160#-$125.
Panel light harness & brackets.
8 Five post regulators (2). Tail lamp lenses (2).
Box of miscellaneous TD electrical parts. $150
9 TD rubber-Body and suspension. $100
10 Chassis and body parts. Windscreen hardware, Gas tank caps, electrical panel hardware, Steering column,
splash apron and seat hardware.
Parking lights and period accessories.
Bonnet and side curtain hardware.
Misc. hardware and trim, misc. body hardware,
TD/TF suspension hardware.
2 TD/TF steering centerpiece assembly. $200 whole box
11 MG T-shirts, ponchos, etc. Make an offer.
12 TD original 5.125 gear set $150
TF original air cleaners $300.
TD distributor-Mallory.
Lucas 9/post control box-new $300.
13 TD Lucas starter $75.
TD Lucas starter $75.
Digital indicator with 2 gauges $50.
TD headlight mounting bracket, chrome $100.
Misc. gaskets.


Box Original TD valve cover w/brass filler cap and chain .012 valve clearance brass plate $250
Cast aluminum tappet cover (Bell) accessory $200
Box Lucas TD light unit with bulbs $200/pr.
Box TD headlamps $400/pr.
Box 2-L/H knockoffs chrome new 12 TPI $150
1-R/H knockoff chrome new 12 TPI for
2-L/H knockoffs chrome used 12 TPI all
2-R/H knockoffs chrome used 12 TPI "
1-L/H spline hub C/T new 12 TPI "
Box 8 TD hubcaps used $100
Box 1 TD original air cleaner assembly complete (excellent) $1,000
Box 1 Original generator $200
Box 1 TD/TF generator rebuilt "NLS" $250
Box Original TD 45D distributor w/new cap & wires. Pertronix Ignition. $450
Floor TD spare tire rack $50
Shelf TD front bumper complete w/overriders, back bar and brackets $450
Box Gear pullers Make offer
Box Car badges and miscellaneous Make offer
Shelf Mold to form TD front cycle fenders Make offer
Floor 2 XPAG Heads, good condition. Make offer
Floor MG TD/TD Towbar $75
Blk. Crate Mixed wire MGTD/TF $100
Blk. Crate SU carbs & parts $100
Box Pre-war exhaust extension with cutout Make offer
Shelf Loose MGTD/TF breather pipes and backets (2) $150
Radiator stay bars (4) for
Clutch rods (2) all
Choke and starter cables (2) "