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Need Tech advice? Have an issue with your car? This is the place to look.
The Register Tech forum is designed for Register members to ask our Tech Editor questions.
The forum is not meant to compete with the other fine MG forums available on the internet. We will focus on Register members talking and sharing with other members. You will need to have a web account to post on this forum.

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Motorist Assistance Directory

I like to think of The New England MG T Register as part of my extended family. What do most families do for each other when a member needs support? They help! Now the Register has a novel way for each of us to help those of us in need of assistance when we are traveling in our M.G.s. It’s called the Motor Assistance Directory!

The Directory is a listing of members who will be willing to help you out when your MG fails to proceed, with local information or just a cool drink along the way. It's a way to keep a friendly face close by.

Want to join in? Click on the tow truck and you'll be taken to the sign-up form.
The fine print: You must be a member of the NEMGTR to sign up. You will need to have a web user account to access the list.

Once you have signed up, there is a tutorial on how to use the listings under the User Menu>Motorist Assistance Directory>MAD Tutorial

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