The John Boiteau Memorial Award

Presented annually to the Member who has had their photograph published on the front or back cover of “The Sacred Octagon”. This award is determined by votes cast by participants attending the Registers Annual General Meeting and by online voting. Since the AGM will be virtual in 2021, the voting will be held online.

John A. Boiteau #57 was an active Register Director from the late 1960’s up until the time of his sudden death in 1982. As his Register number indicates, he was one of the First One Hundred Founding Members. He was the first Register ‘Regalia Chair’ and was responsible for the creation of many of the Regalia items that continue to be offered by the Register. John and his wife, Dorothy, organized and Chaired several Register GOFs including the historic Mk 20 in Springfield, MA, June 1975. The Register had four special guests at this GOF; Cecil Cousins, Alec Hounslow, EX-135 and, Old #1!
John was a decorated photographer with the Army Air Forces Pacific Theater in World War II. He was a photographer with the 5th Air Force on a B-24 Liberator bomber and many of his photos appeared with new releases in the U.S. His service to the Country earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart and Clusters. John always had a camera around his neck and he was a routine contributor to the pages of TSO.

All members of the Register are invited to add their vote for the best cover photo. You may vote only once (you will be advised if you have voted before). The online voting for the best photo will be open from December 10, 2020 to February 15, 2021.

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