Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join The New England M.G. T Register?
If you own a Pre-1956 MG then this the group for you. Dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of vintage and T-series M.G.'s the Register supports the over 4,000 worldwide members with a bi-monthly magazine, local club events and its website.

I own one of the cars that The Register supports. How do I join?
Joining is easy. Just click on the "Application" tab at the top of the page. You will be taken to a page that will give you instructions and a link to our membership application. We offer online registration with secure payment.

Do I need to own a car to belong to The Register?
No, you don't. We welcome all people who love M.G.s. When you fill out the form note that you do not own a car and you will be given an Associate Members number. You receive the same benefits as a "car owning" member.

I have belonged to The Register before but I let my membership lapse. How to I restore my membership?
There are two ways to rejoin The Register. You can select the Reactivate My Membership menu item and fill in the form online and submit. Your will be taken to our secure payment processing page. Enter your information (make sure to follow the instructions in the Payment FAQ) and submit. The form will be sent directly to our Registrar. It's that easy! Or if you prefer to use snail mail, fill out a Membership Application and make sure to mention that you are a "returning member." Inclued your dues check/credit card and you'll be set.  And welcome back!

I belong to The Register but I've forgotten my membership number. How do I find it?
Email the Registrar with your name, address and car engine number. Please be patient, and we'll get back to you with your number as soon as we can. Or check the mailing envelope of the TSO, it has your current number printed at the top of the address field.
You can also find your number by checking out the "Find Your Register Number" menu item in the Member Support section of the main menu.

I just bought a "new" car. Can I use the previous owner's number?
The Register number is assigned to the car, not the owner, so if the car was assigned a Register number in the past, it will retain that number. If, for some reason, the original number cannot be found in the database, a new number will be assigned.

What are the dues for The Register?
Dues charged by The Register are used to cover the cost of our magazine, The Sacred Octagon. The rates change for new members depending on the month you join. Please see the bottom of the Membership Application for the current dues structure. Or check them in the online form.

When are the dues due?
Dues are due in September of each year. A reminder is printed on the over wrap of The Sacred Octagon August edition.

I'd like some back issues of The Sacred Octagon, how do I get them?
If you wish to buy back issues of TSO contact Bill Sander to verify the issue is available. Back issues are $5 each for members, $8 each for non-members.  Mail the check and your membership number to Bill Sander, PO Box 108, Jeffersonville, VT 05464 Checks payable to The New England MG 'T' Register, please. Or you can access an order form in the Our Magazine menu item on the website. We also offer an online payment option.

Is there a local club in my area?
There probably is! We have chapters in many of the states. You can click on the "Our Chapters" item in the main menu and it will take you to the list of Chapters. There you will find the local chapters listed in State order followed by Canadian Provinces. There is also a spotlight feature for each chapter of the Register. This spotlight give more indepth information on each chapter.

I need technical help! What does The Register offer?
One of our best resources is our membership. By joining, you have access to many members who love the car just like you do. In addition, we have a CD of all of the TSO issues up to 2004 available for purchase. This CD features all of the Technical articles and features only with no advertising to wade through! It's completely searchable and each page can be zoomed for ease of reading. It's MAC and PC compatible. Check out our Register Marketplace menu to see more.

Are there any books available to help me buy or restore an MG?
There are a number of excellent books available to help you in your search for information.  Many have been written by members of the Register. The Register sells two books and BritBooks has a wide variety of books available on MG buying and restoration. Checkout our Register Marketplace page for our current offerings.

I have some parts I need to sell. How do I place an ad in TSO?
Placing an ad is easy. Just type up your text, making sure you are specific in the details of what you want to sell (since we don't charge by the word you can be detailed). Send the copy to our Advertising Director at the following email: mellis0411 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
We accept high quality digital photos that can be sent to the same address. Make sure to include your Register number if you are a member. We will also accept advertising from non-members for a fee.
We also offer an online form to help with submitting an ad to TSO. Just go to the Sumbit an Ad form in the Our Magazine menu item, fill it in and we'll take care of the rest.

What is the cost of advertising in TSO?
For members, the cost of advertising (text and photo) is no charge. For non-members the fees are as follows: Ad copy $15 per issue; Digital photo $10 per issue.
Commercial/For Profit: Ad copy $25 per issue; Digital photo $20 per issue. If you are a major advertiser or wish to place a display ad, contact Mike Ellis at mellis0411 [AT] gmail [DOT] com for instructions on how to place the ad and the charges for the ad.
All ads will be placed on the web site within 4 weeks of the publication of the printed version.

How do I join the Web Members section?
First locate your membership number, you will need this to join the web members section. Click on the Member Login button at the top of the main page and fill out the form. Make sure you write down your user ID and password!

I can't see all of the buttons on the website. What browsers do you support?
The NEMGTR website is best viewed using IE, Firefox or Google Chrome. While we wish we could support all browsers, the differences and cost associated with code creation to support lesser known browsers makes it impossible at this time.

Do I need to accept "cookies" to join the Register Web Members portion of the site?
Yes, you will need to have your computer set up to accept cookies in order to join the online portion of the site. This is for your security and for us to be able to list the users who are currently online.

How do I send photos to be used on the website?
We are always looking for photos to use on our web pages. We perfer digital shots but we can accept prints. When sending digital photos, please use file names that contain only letters and numbers. Any special characters such as punctuation or any shifted numbers will cause the file not to transfer to our server. This can be corrected by the Web Manager but may cause a delay in the use of the photo. Just attach the photos to an email addressed to the Web Manager.

Where can I find a list of all of the forms available on the web site?
We have compliled a list of all of the forms that we have availble for our membership. You can find a link to this page at the bottom of the web site main page. Look for Forms Quick Reference.

Do you have any Regalia?
Yes, The Register offers a wide selection of NEMGTR branded items. Click on the Marketplace menu item and then on Regalia Catalog to view our Regalia offerings. At the top of the catalog you will find instructions on how to order the items.

We hope that we were able to answer your questions. If we didn't, please feel free to contact us at the following:
Web Site questions (how to login, submitting articles and other web issues): WebManager
Dues/Register number/Other administrative questions: Registrar
Ask Our Chairman: Chairman
Technical Questions: Tech Editor, Don Lawson
Other Questions: Ask Blair