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Every year the quality of restorations on the NEW ENGLAND MG 'T' REGISTER member cars have gotten better and better. Register members have achieved a level of perfection with restorations that would be the envy of any car group, anywhere.

Enthusiasts have come to expect very well-restored T-Series & Pre-War MGs at GOFs, and they have not been disappointed. The bar has been set high, and this standard has consistently met or exceeded that benchmark of quality restoration, year after year.

image3Now, The New England MG 'T' Register is pleased to announce "THE SURVIVOR CHALLENGE." This is a competition to find the most original, untouched, as-it-left-the-factory T-Type. Any replaced parts, alterations, repairs, or bodywork to the car would make that car less of a contender. Ideally, the car will have the original engine, chassis, and body, and as much documentation as possible. Extra consideration will be given for documentation such as warranty cards, dealer paperwork, original owner's handbooks, tools, tires, etc.

 The TD competition will be at the Spring 2013 GOF, and the TF competition will be at the Fall 2013 GOF. The final competition for "the best of the best" will conclude at the Spring 2014 GOF which will coincide with the grand 50th Anniversary celebration of the formation of The New England MG 'T' Register.

All Register Members are welcome to participate in this competition. Judging will be by popular choice, and all registered GOF participants will be eligible to vote.

We know the cars are out there. We all know somebody who knows somebody who has an all original car; a car that, for whatever reason, was either parked early in its life, or was very well-maintained and still has the original paint, the original interior, the original top, and often, even the original tires.

So, the challenge is on! Please help The Register look for that rare "barn find," dust off that car, and bring it to the competition. Spread the word--The Register is looking for "The Best Survivor!"