Scholarship Application


The Knudson Churchill Scholarship Competition
December 1, 2020, to March 16, 2021

  • WHAT? The Knudson Churchill Scholarship is designed to promote and support education in the fields of Print Journalism or Automotive Technology. Endowed by the New England MG T Register (, the program will present the best applicant with a monetary award to an, accredited, post-secondary school of winner’s choice in order to study in one of these two areas. The award may be used for any educational expense in one of these fields. Application forms are now posted. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the tab for the type of document you wish to download.
  • WHY? The Knudson Churchill Scholarship Trust is interested in providing scholarships to highly motivated students to assist them in their future career endeavors in these fields. Further, the Scholarship honors the two founders of the New England MG T Register.
  • WHO?  This opportunity is available to any student who.
        -- Demonstrates an interest and potential to succeed in the field of print journalism or automotive technology;
        -- Qualifies for admission as a student on the post-secondary level of education and elects to pursue post-secondary education in one of these two fields;
        -- Demonstrates superior quality of previous scholastic or practical endeavors;
        -- Is at least 17 years of age.
  • WHEN?  Completed applications must be received by Saturday, March 16, 2021. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 16, 2021 WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
    The Trust will notify winners by Registered Mail, and announce them on the MG T Register web site in July, 2020. Winners’ essays will be published in The Sacred Octagon and on the website in the fall, 2020.
  • HOW MUCH?  In 2021, there will be four KCST Scholar awards of $2,500.
  • WHO ARE WE? The Knudson Churchill Scholarship Trust is a 501(c) (3) Foundation. 8 Woodston Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32164 USA.
    Application questions may be directed to Jan Sander by email: kcstinfo [AT] nemgtr [DOT] org

Privacy Policy:

We neither collect information on visitors to our Web site, nor keep a list to identify visitors for any subsequent use or email.

For Knudson Churchill Scholarship applicants, their applications, submitted only via mail or delivery service, will be reviewed by the Academic Selection Committee. Finalists’ info with Committee recommendations of winners will be sent to KCST Trustees for approval. With winners’ approval, their essays and brief biographical info will be published in an issue of the bi-monthly The Sacred Octagon of the NEMGT Register. We do not sell or distribute any application information to anyone outside the Selection Committee and our Trustees.

Download the KCST Scholarship Trust 2021 Description

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The Knudson Churchill Scholarship Trust is a 501(c)(3) Foundation.