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KCTRUST4clogox1The Knudson Churchill Scholarship Trust

Leesa Hudak 

I have been involved with the NEMGTR since it began in 1964. Register events were a family affair in my household and one that we all looked forward to. I am fortunate enough to give back to the Register in my current role on the Board. I plan the Natter, the annual Board meeting, and have planned many GOFs. I also serve on the Selection Committee and am a Trustee for the Knudson Churchill Trust.

Christian DaBica

I was born into the old car hobby/the T Register via my parents. My first printed articles were in the Sacred Octagon thanks to Prof./Dr./Rev. Knudson many moons ago. I live in Vermont with my wife and son. We are neck deep in all kinds of cars, with Pre-war MGs being one area of focus.

Brenda Montera

Went to my first GOF in 1984 - met Mr. Knudson and Mr. Churchill. The GOF was well organized, fun and I could see that it was an event where many families and members of the Register over many years had made wonderful memories. Register members could learn about repairing their MGs, where to find hard parts needed for the repairs and just show off their beautiful restored MGs. I learned how they started the Register and the TSO and how they planned the GOFs so that MG lovers could get together and have fun and make memories.
I am an accountant and work in a family owned business. My hobbies are reading, traveling and I love going to the theatre.
It is an honor to work with the trust in memory of two very special people.

Dan Wightman



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