Dues Renewal 2022

Thank you for using our Dues Renewal Form. Please take a minute to read these important notices.

There are two parts to the renewal process. Please make sure to fill out both the Dues Renewal Form and the PayPal screens completely. No credit card information is held by either the NEMGTR or PayPal. It is a secure transaction.

  • If you do not provide your email address in the PayPal portion of the process, the transaction will not complete.
  • Information provided in the PayPal screen must match your credit card. This includes name, address etc. If you enter it wrong, the transaction will not complete. Please double check your data before hitting Proceed to Checkout button.
  • Don't panic if it takes a while (sometimes up to six hours) for PayPal to send the payment confirmation. The amount of time will depend on how busy PayPal is at the time of your transaction. If you don't receive an email from PayPal there may be a number of reasons. Please DO NOT resubmit your payment info. Email us at membership_registrar [AT] nemgtr [DOT] org and we can research your payment info and offer suggestions if a resubmit is needed. Please include your name, address and Register number along with any details of what happened to you while you were submitting your renewal. Your input will greatly aid in our finding a solution to your issue.

A web user account is not required to use this form. Just fill it out and submit.

Thank You

2022 New England MG T Register Dues Renewal and Order Form

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The Complete M.G. TD Restoration Manual
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The Cecil Kimber Centenary Book
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The 'T' Series M.G. Handbook

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Regalia Package (car badge, mylar sticker & cloth patch)
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40 Years of The Sacred Octagon 1964-2004 CD-ROM
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DUES RENEWAL SPECIAL - new pricing! 50 at 50 Book, Softbound Version
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