Find Your Register Number

Need assistance finding your Register number? What to know when your dues expire?  This page can help you.


The New England MG T Register database has been broken down into four PDF files that can be opened and then searched to find the data that you need. We have strived to make this list one that cannot be used to locate people, just a reference for members to quickly find their number or dues expiration year.

In each file you'll find the list of members last names, state or country, car type, the car's chassis number, the Register number assigned to that car (and the one we use for mailing TSO), and the dues expiration month and year.

It's Dues Renewal Time!
Each August is NEMGTR dues renewal time. If you see that you still owe your dues on this list but you have paid them, remember that this listing is not "real time" Any dues paid after the first of each month will be reflected in the next month's listing.

You can renew your membership by going to our Dues Renewal page and fill out our easy renewal form.

Don't see your name? One reason may be that your dues payment hasn't been received for 2017. You can contact the Membership Registrar to verify your status.

Here's how to use this page:

  • Click on the icon below containing the first letter of your last name.
  • A new page will open in Adobe Acrobat.
  • In the "Find" box, enter your last name and press the down arrow.
  • Select "Find in this PDF" and you will be taken to the line with your last name. We have included states/countries to help searching when names are duplicated.
  • If you find that there are two last names in one state, please contact our Registrar for further assistance in finding your Register number.
  • Register number identifier codes: AM = Associate Member; VM = Vintage number; CM = Complimentary

IF YOU JUST PAID YOUR DUES THE LISTS WILL NOT CONTAIN THE CHANGE... a human has to sort and format the lists, it is not an automatic process.  If you have paid your dues after the first of each month the payments are not reflected until the next month. List is current to October 6, 2019

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Click here to see the membership list sorted by Last Name and State/Province/Country.