Payment Processing FAQ

Here are some answers to the most popular payment method questions

NOTE: PayPal frequently changes its "rules" on whether you need to have an account or not. It is impossible for me to keep up this page with which rule they are using at any time.
We have seen some members have success with payments if they ignore the request to have an account and keep going on the payment page.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay?

No, you do not need to have a PayPal account.

You can use your account if you have one. But if you would prefer to use a credit card, there is a selection presented to the user on the PayPal payment page for the user to select Pay by Credit Card. Just select that option and fill out the information requested.

How do I pay using my credit card?

We have crated a PDF document that takes you through the steps to pay by credit card. Download it here.
PayPal updated their system in 2012 so the screens have changed.

I didn’t get a confirmation email from PayPal. What happened?

You must fill out the PayPal requested information correctly to have the transaction processed. Not getting a confirmation email means that some data entered couldn’t be verified by the system.
We ask that you contact our Membership Registrar if this issue happens. He can then advise you of options for finishing the payment.

I don’t want to finish this transaction. Do I need to do something after I don’t finish the form?

Sometimes it’s necessary to cancel the submission before that payment is made. If you need to do this, a quick email to the Membership Registrar stating that you didn’t finish the payment process will help us make sure that your information is correctly handled.