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MG T Register Gets Serious About Research

The Board of Directors of The New England MG T Register approved the formation of The Cecil Kimber Society at its recent meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. The Society’s purpose is to foster networking amongst those enthusiasts genuinely interested in M.G. history. Fellows in the Society will pledge to share their research interests in order to receive and exchange information freely.

There are many enthusiasts who collect information and do research about some aspect of M.G. lore that truly interests them. Many do this for pure personal satisfaction and have no intention of publishing what they gather over the years. The gathered information may be stored in file folders or on a computer. That is all well and good; however, there just might be some other enthusiast out there collecting and researching the same topic. The Kimber Society is simply a way for like-minded people to network. A visit to the Society web site will show a preliminary listing of research categories. As interest grows, that list will certainly expand. If you have been cutting pieces out of magazines and building a file on a certain M.G. topic, the Society will give you a chance to learn even more.   

When it comes to publishing, the possibilities are limitless. Articles will not only benefit from the sharing of research but also the peer reviewing should ensure the accuracy of the writing. The open exchange of information and sources should result in some solid writing about M.G. history.

A sophisticated and easily navigated internet website will be the anchor for the Society along with a regular page in The Sacred Octagon, the journal of The New England MG T Register. The Sacred Octagon will publish completed research papers. These papers may also be approved for Kimber Festival presentations as well as for seminars at future Gatherings of the Faithful, the Register’s two regular annual meetings.

There are no dues. The requirements for becoming a Fellow of the Society are three-fold: an active interest in M.G. history, a willingness to share knowledge, and agreeing to assist others in their research.
Register members with current web user accounts can edit their profile to include The Cecil Kimber Society in their account. To access The Cecil Kimber Society features click on the Member Login section of the website found in the upper right corner of the main page. Enter your web user name and password and then press the login button. You will see the menu item for The Cecil Kimber Society in the User Menu on the right side of the screen.

One does not have to be a Register member to be a Fellow in the Society. If you do not have a web user account you can click on the "Sign Up" button and fill out the registration form, selecting the Cecil Kimber Society in the type of account selection area. This will add you to The Cecil Kimber Society listing.

Access to The Cecil Kimber Society will be through the Member Login of this website. Once a user is logged in the menu items for features of The Cecil Kimber Society will be displayed.